Switching to Google Reader

March 31, 2009

For several years now I have been using Cyndicate as my RSS feed reader. It is an excellent piece of software, but I have come to realize that I really don’t use any of the features that make the application so unique among its competition. I don’t use any filters, I don’t use ratings, and though I was taking advantage of its persistent architecture by filing interesting articles into various folders for future reference, it is a very rare occasion that I ever go into these archives to re-read anything I put there.

The most important thing I have been wanting for some time is something Cyndicate doesn’t offer right now. And that is the ability to synchronize across multiple devices. In particular I want to be able to check my feeds on my iPhone or MacBook Pro when I am away from my desktop machine. Sometimes I’d like to skim or even read read posts while standing in line.

In short, I have decided to switch to Google Reader for all of my subscriptions. Not content with using the web interface, however, I am trying out EventBox on the Mac side of this; for the iPhone it is Byline. Neither of these applications is really a terribly impressive fit and I will definitely miss Cyndicate’s persistence and overall polish. But for now this looks like a trade-off I am willing to deal with.