Introducing Daily Snooze

April 28, 2014

I have long thought the vast majority of comments on websites, particularly mainstream news sites, to be pointless, often offensive, drivel. Last week while perusing an article on the New York Daily News website I was, as usual, inundated with a string of ridiculous comments at the bottom of the page. This being the proverbial “final straw,” I decided to create a Safari Extension to hide all comments from this site. I have dubbed this project Daily Snooze.

The following is an example of what an article on the site normally looks like:

Daily News website without Daily Snooze

While I was at it, I also decided to hide all of the advertisements present on the NY Daily News website. While I understand a newspaper’s need to make an income off of advertising, they have so many ads all over the place that their site has become absolutely hideous. There are ad banners at the top, on the side, and at the bottom. On top of that, they throw extraneous linkage to other articles in the middle of the body of the actual story you’re trying to read, as well as on the right hand side, and after the article. I only wish to see the content I originally intended to read, not two dozen links to other crap. The extension not only hides all of this, it also blocks whatever ad-related JavaScript files it can from loading at all.

The end result looks nice and clean, the way a news article ought to be displayed:

Daily News website with Daily Snooze

As an additional bonus, I have taken the liberty of substituting the ugly Arial font wherever possible with Helvetica Neue.

The extension is free and in the public domain. You can grab it here.